Creep Arrested for Mowing Lawn Topless

by TonyOhio on Oct.07, 2009, under Creeps in the News

York, South Carolina – Pretty much everyone has at least one neighbor they wish would move away. But not all of us are forced to use eye bleach every time our nemeses neighbor mows the grass. One South Carolina resident wasn’t so lucky.

Angela Jonas, a 50-year-old South Carolina woman was arrested Tuesday after she decided to go for a half naked stroll down the street.

According to the York County Sheriff’s Office, Jonas was found by police walking topless down her neighborhood street after a resident told police Jonas had been calling and harassing her repeatedly.

Deputies tried several times to speak with Jonas when they first arrived – asking her why she was naked from the waist up. After the woman refused to give a clear answer, she was taken into custody without incident.

Investigators say Jonas later told them she likes to cut her grass in the nude, according to the arrest report.

She was booked on a charge of indecent exposure. Her bail was set at $1,000.


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Creep Arrested for Mowing Lawn Topless9.0101

  • Dave

    If she were a beautiful 20 something with a gorgeous body, there probably not be much said or would there?

  • Timmy

    Please don’t call her a creep. Is a topless man a creep?

    I can understand her being arrested for (major) harassing, but for doing the exact same thing a man can do?
    You probably don’t know this, but topless men in America were being arrested until the mid 1930s.

    In many cultures it is perfectly fine for women to be topfree, just as men can be. But in other countries both males & females must cover up completely or be arrested.

    It is legal for women to be topfree in Oregon, NY state, most of Maine, Boulder Colorado, Colombus Ohio, and several other places in America.

    Why is it wrong for women, even skinny ones with boobs smaller then men, to be topfree anyway?
    Start studying the Protestant Reformation & what groups left Europe & settled America.

    Until you get a PhD in Western Civilization history, don’t call a topfree woman a creep!

  • a gurl,

    i think this is a story of peer bullshit.. women as well as men should be able to go topless.. i mean i like to be naked! but its against the toughts of others to be topless unless you are male.. if a woman and a man stood next to eachother top less people would shun the women. so this wman should have gotta charged with harrasment but deffinatly indecent exposer.. her case is bull shit!! thank for listening

  • patrick.houghton

    If she didn’t look like a creep, I doubt we’d be reading this story

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